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16 December, 2016

Gift ‘Ems – A Kid’s Review of These Cute Little Stocking Fillers!

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Phoebe’s Review:

This week I’ve taken over from Oscar to review the Gift Em’s blind packs. These are little presents, with a pretty bow on top, that you open up and you get a little character from a certain country inside. Inside of the present box is information about the country as well as some pictures of what it’s like there. The characters are quite small but their heads and bodies can turn so you can have them posing in different ways. You can also pop off their hair and swap it between characters. One thing I like about ‘blind bags’, even though these are ‘blind presents’, is that there are lots of different ones to collect and you get a check-sheet so you can mark off what you have. I was really happy that two of mine were ultra-rare too! Another thing I like is that you can fold the box back up and put the lid on again so it’s not like a normal blind bag where you throw away the wrapper.

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Fat Dad’s Review:

Everything these days seems to be available in a blind-bag of some sorts – whether it’s Lego, Playmobil, Yo Kai, Shopkins, Twozies or the classic Kinder Surprise. They work well with the kids and they’re here to stay! Gift ‘Ems are yet another blind-bag style toy that come in a gift box with a lid and ribbon. There are various colours and patterns of the plastic boxes and inside is a small (about 1inch tall) doll that fits on an integrated stand. The opened box also has sticker on it with the country’s flag and some photos of the location.

The dolls are generally dressed with something to do with their country – Vicky Vancouver has the Canadian maple leaf on her top and Becca Berlin is wearing traditional German lederhosen. One nice little touch is that you can swap and change the dolls. Phoebe mentioned about swapping their hair, but their heads, bodies and arms can also be pulled apart easily so you can customise your characters.

The enclosed check-sheet shows you all the available Gift ‘Ems as well as their rarity status. Phoebe managed to get two ultra-rare Gift ‘Ems in her packs so was quite pleased. Overall, there are a good number of dolls available and the mix-and-match aspect does add a large number combinations and some playability. However, I can’t help feeling that £4 is perhaps a little too much for a single Gift ‘Em but larger play sets are available (such as a bus and a hotel/spa playset) which seem to give better value as well as adding even more play options. At the end of the day, these are designed for kids to play with and collect – and Phoebe likes them so I’ll no doubt be pestered to buy her some more! Or maybe Santa will add some to her Christmas stocking…


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We were provided the Gift ‘Ems for the purpose of this review but all opinions are our own.

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