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23 August, 2017

Building a Bunchems Parrot Using the BunchBot – Kids Review and Demonstration

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This week we take a look at the Bunchems BunchBot from Spin Master and make an awesome parrot! Bunchems, if you don’t know, are small, spherical ‘beads’ covered in hooks that stick together strong enough to create brilliant 3D sculptures but can be easily taken apart. Think of them as a soft, round, modern alternative to Stickle Bricks.

Of course, you can go ‘free play’ and make your own wild creations, but here we have the BunchBot – a machine that helps you create the perfect model. Simply place the Bunchems on the tray following the included guide, push down his head and repeat. Each layer of Bunchems is pushed together and eventually you push it out from the top. With a few adjustments and additions (like eyes, sunglasses etc) and your model is complete.

The BunchBot is really easy to use (although the final ejection needs a bit more force) and there is a great selection of models you can build. The pack, retailing at £29.99, is sensibly priced and includes 300 Bunchems, 8 accessories and instructions to build plenty of models. We made a parrot and a snake and still had plenty of Bunchems left over. If you want to keep your creations you can buy extra packs of Bunchems on their own.

Overall we really like the Bunchems BunchBot – it’s easy to use, gives consistently good results and makes for a fun craft activity for all ages!

NOTE: keep Bunchems away from pets and long hair! They *will* get tangled up (search YouTube for ‘Bunchems in hair’ to see those that ignore the warning in the box…

Disclosure: We were sent the BunchBot free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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