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30 August, 2017

Building a 3D Sneaker from Ravensburger #America #3D

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This week Phoebe takes a look at the 3D American Sneaker Puzzle from Ravensburger. This 3D jigsaw puzzle is nearly a foot long (pun intended), 20cm high and made up of 108 sturdy plastic pieces.

There are two ways to build the puzzle – the easier way is to use the numbers on the back of each piece and build it up in order. The harder way is to ignore the numbers and match the pieces to the images of the sneaker. The ‘easy’ way is still quite tricky and took just over half an hour to complete.

One of the great things about the 3D puzzle is that it includes an insert so that you can use it as a stationary holder – it looks great and it is practical.

Ravensburger are a high-quality, well established company and this shows in the 3D American Sneaker puzzle – the box is great quality and the puzzle itself is flawless with no poorly-fitting pieces. The instructions are also simple yet very helpful.

The 3D American Sneaker Puzzle retails at around £15 and is something that will keep you occupied multiple times over as well as being useful. It also makes a great addition to your desk!

Product information: American Flag Sneaker 3D Puzzle®, 108pc

Disclaimer: We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and thoughts are our own.

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