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6 August, 2018

Delicious Deserts: NumNoms Series 5 Review

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We’ve had lots of Num Noms over the years here at Oscar’s Reviews – we’ve used them for pancake ideas, had our own un-Boxing Day, seen giant plushies and even used them to design a very weird pizza

This time we’re looking at Series 5 of the Num Noms and what a treat we have! If you’re not familiar with Num Noms they are small rubber collectables with a food theme and they’re also scented. The larger ones are the Nums (with the scent) and the Nom is the bottom part (e.g. lip gloss). Series 5 has a number of available types of Nom – either glittery lip gloss or shimmer or nail polish. Series 5 is ‘Delicious Deserts’ and the Nums in take on a bakery theme with scents and styles including croissants, jelly rolls (Swiss rolls), breads, crepes as well as marshmallow squares and ice creams. In this starter pack you get 10 Nums (one of the Nums is a mystery/blind pack) and 2 Noms.

Opening the box is simple and it’s nice to have something that the kids can open without needing a full toolkit and adult supervision. The Nums are sturdy and good quality and they do smell very, very nice. We’re always impressed with how they keep managing to come up with new scents and flavours! Included in the box is a check list so you can mark off which Num Noms you have collected as well as a list of all their names for easy identification. You can also reuse the packaging as storage for your Num Noms or any other small collectables that might fit.

This starter pack is priced around £16.99 which initially may seem expensive but as you get 12 collectables for that price it works out quite good value when you compare them to other small collectables aimed at children.

Disclaimer: We were sent these toys free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own.

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