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3 October, 2016

Whizz Pop Bang! The Awesome Science Magazine for Kids [A Kid’s Review]

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Whizz Pop Bang! is a fun science magazine aimed at kids aged from 7 to 11. It’s full of facts, news, puzzles, competitions and even experiments that you can try at home!

I got sent a copy to review and I really enjoyed it as I love science! In the video I pick out a few sections that I like and even try my hand at one of the experiments – you’ll have to watch it to see if I was successful or not.

It’s a good magazine with loads of stuff in it and I can’t wait to see more.

Fat Dad’s Comments:
The magazine, available from http://www.whizzpopbang.com, costs just £2.92 per monthly issue (when you subscribe for 12 months) or individual issues can be bought for £3.75. It’s good quality magazine made from nice, thick, matt paper so it’ll last when your kids keep going back to it to carry out experiments again.

The content is well-suited for it’s target age and the experiments are well designed and don’t need any specialist equipment. It’s educational but, possibly most important for a kids’ magazine, it’s fun!

Try a copy yourself and see what you think . Or, if you’re feeling cheeky, ask your school to subscribe to it for their library and then you don’t have to pay yourself 😉

NOTE: while the magazine was provided free of charge, the opinions expressed are our own honest opinions.

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