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18 November, 2017

Feel The Speed with Power Rippers 2-in-1 Competition Set

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Power Rippers are an interesting fusion of fast moving vehicle, battling spinning tops and collectible figures. They can go at scale speeds of 500mph and even jump 10 foot high!

In the 2-in-1 Competition Set from Jakks Pacific you get all the track you need for 2 lanes and a loop each as well as a Power Ripper and the battle arena. The carry case is well designed and opens up into the battle arena and a base for the loops in the track.

The Power Rippers themselves have two parts that open up to expose a wheel for when you’re racing and then they close up again when you want to do the spinning battles. The catches that keep the parts closed can be a bit tricky to use though but it gets easier with practise. To use a Power Ripper you put the rip-cord through the hole and pull it backwards and forwards to rev it up. PUll the cord fully out to set it spinning or racing. Younger players may find it difficult to get enough speed to get over the loop though.

You only get 1 Power Ripper in the set so if you want to have a competition with the Competition Set then you’ll need a friend who has a Power Ripper or you’ll have to purchase some extra ones. Thankfully they’re not that expensive – you can get a pack of 2 for just £10 or £5 for 1.

The track is easy to set up – it took Fat Dad about 7 minutes to set up the first time and it gets quicker the more practice you have. The races are fast and fun but you do need a lot of space – especially when you take into account you need anoher meter at the end for the Power Rippers to jump to! You can also race the Power Rippers on any smooth surface, you don’t just have to use the track. You could also build ramps and have them doing stunts – just make sure you have a lot of space and your vases and other delicate items are moved out of the way.

The battles are great fun and simple to do. Rev it up, place the Power Ripper on the ramp and watch them fight! If you’re lucky your Ripper’s doors will open up giving you an extra weapon for attacking – but at the same time slowing down your spin. You can swap and change your Power Rippers for different matches and even set up a scoreboard for multiple players.

Overall we really liked the Power Rippers and we were pleased with the price too. At around £35 it provides a lot of entertainment, albeit you need to buy some extra Power Rippers, and the carry case is well designed and practical. The only real downside is the amount of space it takes to play. We had a lot of fun with the set and extra Power Rippers (there are 16 to collect) are already on our Christmas Wish List!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Power Rippers free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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