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7 December, 2017

Eating Unicorn Poop With the Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker

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The Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker from Jakks Pacific is a fun way to create beautiful, rainbow coloured decorations for any dessert. Inside the box is the Unicone itself and a selection of cones, bowls, stirring spoons and recipe cards.

Setting up the Unicone was easy and the parts just clip together. We decided, for the speed of it, to use designer icing rather than making the mousse. Using the bowl and spoon provided we mixed our designer icing with food colouring and then scooped it into the tube one colour at a time. This was a little bit fiddly to do as the icing would stick to the spoon and not come off easily. Once we had the pink, blue and yellow in the tube we were ready to make our Unicone poop!

I know it sounds crude to describe it as poop but the unicorn is sat down with its legs spread apart and the topping comes out of its… well, you get the picture, right?! One thing worth pointing out is that the Unicone does not come with any ingredients – looking online, the US version comes with sachets to make the topping mixture but this is not the case in the UK.

When you’re ready you can place a cone underneath in the holder and push down on the plunger. While you push, the topping comes out in a nice swirl and as the colours pass through they blend into a nice rainbow effect. You can also use it to put toppings on buns or other sweet desserts. The unicorn’s horn can be opened and filled with sprinkles to add onto your topping too.

Overall the Unicone is fun to use and, while a little parental help is needed at times, it is suitable for ages 6 and over. We had fun adding a little unicorn poop to make a boring muffin much more interesting!

The Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker has an RRP of £14.99 and is available at all good toy shops.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Unicone free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own.

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